Changes to Default BBands for bitcoin

BBands on traditional markets are default set at 20 and per John Bollinger , he found this to be the best setting.

This gives the bands a 20 day SMA , thus capturing a month of trading.
9 to 5 trading, 5 days a week, 20 days/month

However, Bitcoin may require a change of this setting to 30 because it is traded 24/7.
24/7 trading, 30 days/month.

Chart is annotated with various squeezes at a 0.13 threshold on BBand width indicator. There haven't been many such squeezes, the most comparable may be the squeeze in Sept 2013, which was also post-halving. Just as that squeeze broke out after 6 days of contraction, I expect this squeeze to break after 5-6 days.

Squeezes on this setting have largely been binary - 1 or 4/5/6 days OR a 'super squeeze' of 20/40/60 days. Seeing as how we just had a massive 200 day consolidation, I would surmise that this squeeze will be of the former duration and not the latter.

Side Note - I've traded with altered Ichimoku Cloud settings for 3 years using this same rationale (24/7 trading vs. 5 day a week trading) which have been very successful.
Halving was Nov 2012. I agree with triangle breakout soon. 12h and 3d stoch bottoming. I will try the BB (30) setting - thanks
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IAmSatoshi lunartune23
ya, that still makes it a post-halving squeeze lol
oldstout IAmSatoshi
I will try 30 too, thanks for sharing your idea. :)
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