I am thinking about bitcoin futures . Soon it will be traded in Chigago exchange and my thoughts are :
Investors are looking for a undervalued asset to invest and after buying and changing BTC price, they will start the game according to their own rules. Futures is a contract for a future price, that is a guiding star for bitcoin , they will manipulate it. The world is changing and market is changing. Survivors are not the one's who are stronger and smarter, but the one's who adapts to changes.
評論: If you look at US indexes. You will understand that the flight is high for us


have this stuff
Dude, no offense but it is Tooo late to obey their rules anymore :)
I'll sell BTC and NSDQ when NSDQ in 6492
peacewolfus abannari
@abannari, you will be regret not because you wil lose money because you won't gain more by staying in btc.
just because tether has been around does not reduce the risk of it exploding in ppls face especially with 800milion and counting
"Survivors are not the one's who are stronger and smarter, but the one's who adapts to changes". I could not have delivered that statement any better!!!
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Hi EXCAVO, what do you think about the Tether news?
What do you think how the exchanges and markets will respond to this? Thanks and sorry for my poor english.
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@Sin84, that FUD is already very old in cryptoworld. as long as nothing bad happens with tether(like I assume) we should be totally fine.
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Sin84 Judas_Goldrich
@Judas_Goldrich, maybe it happens.
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