BTCUSD- Out of the woods, or still hanging out with the bears?

Hi guys, I normally tend to analyze LTC, as that's my primary stake, but I wanted to take a look at BTC . Now for quite some time, we were able to use BTC as a "tether" of sorts for the other alt coins, LTC included. It was common place that you were able to almost predict the movement of an alt based on the movement of BTC . If you take a look at several LTC charts, you'll notice that LTC has ultimately broken out of its downward channel . Maybe it was due to Litepay, maybe it was due to LCC , but LTC decided to go rogue, and we may no longer reference the two with dead on accuracy anymore. While there's a strong bit of confidence alluding to the fact that LTC is entering the bull market (crossing the 1D, huge breakout from bullish channel , etc.), you'll notice that BTC doesn't parallel this breakout in a similar fashion. While we were able to experience a first breakout in BTC on 2/12 (denoted by the red resistance line), I believe to parallel LTC, BTC needs to break the secondary resistance line I've drawn (denoted by the green line).

With that said, and the modest space between the two resistances, is it safe to say that we're on our way to a breakout? I'd foresee us needing to break and hold around approximately 11300 in the next few days for us to truly call this a breakout, but there is a LOT of room for downside yet, possibly even harder downside than before. I'm not looking to FUD, and I'm personally believing in a bull run here, but there's still a chance that the bears aren't happy just yet, and we may be looking at a trap coming up. Certainly trade with caution, because February isn't over just yet, and people may be looking to squeeze these dips one last time.
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