Did you enjoy my 99.9% spot on predictions?

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Dear followers,

It looks like BTC is following my original predictions to the bone. The logic behind the predictions were explained in my original post (link below). For those didn’t follow me, you are welcomed to go back and have a look of my previous TA on BTC .

The only difference in this updated post is that I have highlighted 2x potential reversal points of the short-term uptrend. As you can see, the risk of this trade is high if you want to go for long. If you are a risk averse person, the best option will be to wait for the rejection between $10139.1 - $10393 and place short positions.

Please note this is for education purposes only

Taiwan Bear

評論: The price action of BTC in the last couple of days is giving you a sleepless night? And you are probably staring at your computer right now? Well, I am no different.

Most of the top traders on TV are at this moment, trying to figure out WTH is wrong with BTC. It seems like the bull flag break out to the downside, piercing through EMA20 & EMA50 as if they don't exist. Then, when you think BTC is about to drop below $8000, it then suddenly jump back up. Well, what I am seeing is the formation of a symmetrical triangle. I was going to wait for a better confirmation signal to see if we can close the next 2x 4hr candle above the bottom of the symmetrical. However, as I am about to go to sleep, I thought I will give you a quick update so you don't just keep wondering.

Let's see what will happen in the next 2-3 4hr candle. I will give you a proper update then. Good night ;).

Looks you're improving in chars, as your previous one son BTC was complete fail, you can replay em to see how your TA was wrong, but lately you made good progress to feel trend or its just luck + trend guess
Taiwan_Bear markus.kelvin
@markus.kelvin, What one you considered as fail? My very first few?
markus.kelvin Taiwan_Bear
@Taiwan_Bear, yes most February TA charts were way off hitting targets, but thats not critics, just observation. and your most recent charts were way accurate, so means you improved TA skills or just feel current trend..
Taiwan_Bear markus.kelvin
@markus.kelvin, I saw a pattern from March till June. Maybe that's why :) And if you can see I didn't apply any of the Fibonacci Reference points in my previous charts, it is after I learned the concept, my charts become more accurate.
Taiwan_Bear markus.kelvin
@markus.kelvin, I am learning a lot day by day. Soon I will be applying EW & Harmonic patterns as well. Right now, I am not yet confident about it, and that's why I will leave it on the side.
Taiwan_Bear markus.kelvin
@markus.kelvin, thanks for your honesty
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Very nice explanation : )) just keep good work
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Finally someone that posts actual targets.
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@lvg3g, I don't think many traders want to look stupid if their price target is not right. So, they just identify the trend.
lvg3g Taiwan_Bear
@Taiwan_Bear, whether it gets to 9K, 9.5K or 10K, I still see a new lower low.
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