Lunar Events, FUD, pop events and BTC

I was curious as to whether the waxing (growing) or waning (declining) of the moon had any effect on the markets. So I'm marking the full and new moons. not really observing anything to definitively report.. Then I remembered we just had a total lunar eclipse! (1/31/18). I remember being bombarded by FUD that day and have accumulated crypto news articles along the way and that time stood out. I read an article where Bloomberg actually researched if eclipse events affected the market. Traditionally, eclipses are ominous events. Bloomberg said they found no correlation. ...Now, if Bloomberg did find significant data to support that then would they actually release it? All that doesn't really matter because I want to compile the data and see for myself.

I made this chart a day after Elon Musk launched his rocket. I'm new to Trading View and just figured out I'm able to publish/share my charts. So please, if anyone has any insight, ideas or whatever then I'm all ears! :)

Also, whenever there's a total lunar eclipse, there's a partial solar eclipse that's nearby.

The next total lunar eclipse dates are:
July 27-28th, 2018
Jan 21, 2019

Partial Solar eclipse dates:
Jul 13th, 2018
Aug 11th, 2018
Jan 5-6th, 2019
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