I believe we are now entering a 5 wave uptrend according to how the MA's of the BOSSMETHOD are moving and if we take a step back and look at the big picture. In the past we have seen BTC move in this pattern towards 20k. It was clear as day that over the weekend and earlier in the week that BTC broke the downtrend and the ABC correction we have lived since ATH's is over. A very strong run up has since taken place and the 1st wave to the 5 wave cycle is now complete and heading into our first official correction. BE AWARE this may be false and that we may actually still be in the 1st wave just a micro wave to this macro cycle I speak of. In the coming days we shall find out.

The main tool being used to analyze and forecast BTC trend is the BOSS METHOD. A patented intellectual tool that was generated by Brandon Kelly an entrepreneur, cryptocurrency trader, and engineer. The tool uses quantum mechanics and mathematics in the form of 3 simple MA's (sometimes 4) based on prime numbers.

Please go find him on youtube @ THE BOSS OF BITCOIN

The main rule for this tool is that when the white goes over the blue its a buy and an uptrend will follow. In vica versa when the blue goes over the white then it is time to sell and a correction is coming. The orange line is the 231, and is a massive support level for the coin and a strong indication of where it is headed in the long term. If the 231 is moving downward there may be some bearish divergence long term, if it is moving up and to the right you know that long money is in on the coin.

Moving Averages:


As you can see just for the big picture I have attached the end and beginning of the macro cycles we are in. That is the ABC correction (left)and the now happening 5 wave breakout (right). We can see through the MA's that the 7 is now hurling downward, foretelling that the downtrend is taking a steep dip. Not to worry however because again the long money is in on BTC and we can see that with the 77 moving up and the 231 should flatline and move upwards in the next couple of days.

The idea is that once the 77 touches the 231 it will take it up with it, and the 7 will follow both. The white should touch the blue however and this correction may very well not be over before the end of the week, however I think it will be officially over at the open of march. The key is to watch the MA's for the perfect time to buy (when the white goes back over the blue, or if you have balls when its being drown by it). Support can be seen at the 9500$ and 9000$ levels, this is critical support IMO and if the wave is real it will not break. As indicated anywhere inside the box is a very good buy, and may be the last chance to get in on BTC below 10k. ALL ABOARD!! and oh yea...

PS> I threw the RSI on there for all of you RSI junkies...as you can see it is coming up on the overbought signal sometimes between the 22-23 of Feb. Stay tuned!!

評論: A bit stronger than I though, couple more days and we will see how this plays out.
評論: Lets push this out till the 26, the big drop will most likely happen over the upcoming weekend. This is still following my macro. I did see a potential head and shoulders forming which would of totally switched it up but it looks like the right shoulder fell through. Time is still needed....
評論: Couple of more levels.
評論: Seems to have lvld out. I see a bull hammer...
評論: Thats all she wrote IMO, BTC will now be able to move into its next wave. Out performed my prediction I thought the bears were stronger than that. Wow this is about to be a powerful next few months. Strong hands. BTC to 50k soon.
評論: Spoke to soon, Im still a beginner.
評論: Support is hanging on by a thread...everyone in the space analysis has been wrong.
評論: Seems like my wave was correct!! Onwards and upwards..
評論: Im still tracking this idea, looks good....
The BOSS is the man. I follow his videos a lot and have learned a lot from him. "If you don't like me, you must not like money". He's the best.
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mjtrustme Cnelliott03
That's my teacher, grab the BK's ultimate trading tools on the indicators! @Cnelliott03,
mjtrustme Cnelliott03
hit the play button....@Cnelliott03,
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I set limit orders within your support zone 5 days ago. Would be nice to test a low 9K before bouncing.
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mjtrustme broadstoneservices
That come up will be strong. We will see brother. @broadstoneservices,
mjtrustme broadstoneservices
hit the play button...@broadstoneservices,
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