Bull trap/double top? - Worth trying

OKCOIN:BTCUSD3M   Bitcoin / Dollar Forward 3 Months
307 4
Potential bear divergence in rsi yet to be confirmed, perfect touch of trendline , 78.6% retracement of downtrend, easy stops, huge r/r trade... is worth trying imo .
I'm laddering the stops just in case a stop hunt/liquidation hunt happens.
Entry 1690
Stop loss 1723 & 1753 (50/50)
Targets 1600 (66.6%) and 1560 (33.3%)

Big risk of failure, don't go too big in this trade.
評論: If it breaks old line and even more if it breaks ath would be a great opotunity to go long on any retest.
評論: Changed a bit my take profits
評論: Some lines that could stop the spot price here:
BTCUSD in Coinbase

BTCCNY in OkCoin

BTCCNY in Huobi


BTCUSD in Bitstamp

I still think it is worth trying, though the more time we spend here without pulling back down, the more improbable it is the pull back will happen.
交易結束:達到停損點: I failed.
There was a massive liquidation of a +60k contracts position and cleared my stops and then china started pushing for a new ATH taking quarterlies over 1800.
Sorry to hear that..:( Crypto newcomers just keep buying btc..nothing we can do.
You didnt fail dude, you just read the charts correctly with experience. What do you think of the Japanese influx bringing bitcoin under 50% dominance. Im noticing charts move quicker upwards than ever! Even cheap coins are being bought up
BTC crazy...certianly goes above 2k soon.
Thank you for your advice. I would place my short at 2400 :)). Good try any way :)
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