Bitcoin summer 100x SHORT!

OKCOIN:BTCUSD3M   Bitcoin / Dollar Forward 3 Months
1764 16
Hi All!

Last short went swell! Crypto bubble is dead. JPY & KRW's short-lived Atrocity's Pieces of flesh start to rot!

Flay the foreskins of naive freshman investors. We are the invincible Goblins! Down, Down, Down to Goblin Town! Into unfathomable depths with intermediate summer stop of $1800!

Start your shorts and relax, vacation, take profit in a month. Buy back in August for September bubble continuation.

Entry: $2620 Quarterlies
1st tgt: $2000 Quarterlies
2nd tgt: $1800 Quarterlies
Stop-loss: 2700 Quarts.

  • Consensys 2017 over, price still unjustifiably high.
  • Sell the Segwit news.
  • Segwit will split chain into two? Trouble is never over with Bitcoin Core vs Unlimited.
  • Bitcoin exchange platforms are undergoing technical maintenances.
  • Dry SUMMER brings Blocked pipes. Knock! Knock!
  • Japan & Korean bubble has popped, no more fuel!

TA in the chart. Plus, realise, the order books are really thin without any buy support anymore.

Happy trading! ;)
交易結束:目標達成: BULLSEYE! ;)

Target hit perfectly. Plummetting has begun 1 hour within sharing of this analysis.

Happy trading! ;)

BTC Donate:
This looks really good! Your idea matches my expectations, I was just not aware of BitMEX offering 100X leverage so I was shorting little bit later with only 2.5X. I'm probably still joining this idea on next BTC spike around 2370, but I am confused with all the options on BitMEX, what settings do you recommend for a longterm (~2 weeks) order for BTC shorting? Stop Limit?

I may be also interested in joining your group!
Good stuff! I sold near the top, but was too chicken to open a short, so I just sat in cash, and I'm still in cash. Do you think it's safe to be in cash for now?
MarcelV Vaggitarian
@Vaggitarian, if you don't invest you don't lose ;) pm me for trade group
@MarcelV, Hi, how can I join your trade group?
For more precise signals and intra-day analysis, PM me for joining my 14 months-old trading group. ;)
will btc be going to go down more to 1100$ ? or do you think we will stay consolidation around 2k$ range here and go up ? thanks
+1 回覆
MarcelV SamHuynh
@SamHuynh, Nope, $1100 not possible. $1500 lowest. Expect $1800 - $2000 for next week to be magnet. Any movement out of this range will be short-lived.
@MarcelV, do you think it is the right time to buy alts back now ? or wait to see what will happen to bitcoin ? I'm currently looking at NXT, ARDOR , AMP and sys. Thanks for your advise :)
MarcelV SamHuynh
@SamHuynh, that is very generic question. Looking for trade signals on alts? Join my trading group.
isamad MarcelV
@MarcelV, Hey Marcel - how can I join your trading group?
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