Simple update for our btc Trade

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Simple update for BTC
all Thanks to allah
as we see after we buy @2080 BTC move well and Gain 34 % from our enter point

The first obstacle faced by the BTC this resistance 2770 at this point BTC become weak and fall direct to $2118 touch and back to $2390
so in my mind if BTC fell like all people say why BTC don`t do that at first time when he down to $2010 ?!! why btc do that at sec time when fell in again to $2180 ? !!!

why u are panic and sell?!!

its very normal moves take this tips from beginner trader like you
don`t follow price just follow chart and reaction for price

from our side btc do well but until now he still in correction mode mid line $2390
if we see close under it btc will move between $2100 and $2400
if don`t do that and we hope That his move will be between $2700 and $2400

end of text be calm don`t panic there no margin call

We ask Allaah to reconcile and repay
評論: do well before end of this weak
wat is this ?
Hello @HamadaMark
What To Do With Bitcoin Ahead Of SegWit Activation and effect on price?
HamadaMark obainosoft
@obainosoft, hello bro thanks for good comment and good ask

as first i always follow chart i dont look outside it

@ sec i hear about soft and hard fork since 2 month ago and in this time all people was panic and btc drop little at this time chart was say buy dont sell and chart was true we buy and btc go to $2800

third how is say we will active SegWit "i dont know what that mean really " but i think how is can change work map for btc he is Creator for BTC right we know name but did`nt know person right

i can make fake news and panic all trader and they sell i buy it just my Opinion

i use sl for Sudden movement and i usually don`t make it just use capital management
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