Bitcoin Pennant Chart Pattern

If we look at 4H chart, we can see a pennant chart pattern. It's a continuation pattern and mainly after a breakout of its signal line, a market continues the previous trend. The pennant is formed by support and resistance lines converge towards each other. We have to trade this pattern based on breakout signals. As it's a continuation pattern we should expect that price moves upward and breaks the resistance line. After that we'll have a buy signal and a possible entry level above the signal candle. But we must be very careful with this trading signal. The breakout will be near the strong resistance zone formed by 2900.00 and 3000.00 levels. This zone will be able to stop and reverse the market with further short term downward movement. But if you want to take part in risky trade, why not? Just you must use stop orders with your long trades. Place stop orders below 2645.00 level which is the local swing low. Based on this chart pattern, profit target should be near 3500.00 level. Don't forget that when price breaks the resistance line of the pennant , it will be better to get confirmation from volume too. Volume will have to be strong during this breakout. If you are not sure that the market will be able to pass throught the resistance zone , you should skip this buy signal.
評論: Price broke the support line and it is falling to 2600.00 level. Watch for price action near this support level.
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The politics around Bitcoin hasn't settled yet and the market is extremely sensitive as a result. We'll see some unpredictability in the price movement between now and early August. We'll see it again in November. Caution against Bull signals until mid August to Early September. Rinse and repeat in late October.
It was going to break up or down the trend lines of the pennant pattern. Thanks to @DLavrov I had this idea, I had a long and a short position ordered at the break points. Fortunately was a clear break out down and only the short position was opened. Keep an eye to the reversion indicators, good luck!
Guess not! LOL

It was a triangle all along!
Thanks for the update!
Your situation update right on time. Very well done my friend while everyone else is sleeping. Thank you!
Hi Lavrov,

Its going in the other direction, an update on the new support levels would be appreciated.

I want to ask. The channel is expanding. And will the pattern be a bullish flag?
2600 support FTW
Its going below 2700$ now. ? So the price is going to continue going down ?
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