BTC to cross below 9800 [Heavily Bearish] - Buy Back Opportunity

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS

I have observed 4 Support Lines that are continuously being tested. The 1st Support line of 10500 is broken multiple times, however the catch here is there are lot of whales here who have placed huge buy orders to prevent it from falling further.

If the bearish trend continues as it can be seen on a daily chart then by tomorrow we will be not only crossing the 2nd support line but also reach near to the 3rd Support Line. What happens after that we will need to analyse it then & that time. I for now believe in my charts which strongly suggest downward movement & reach near 3rd Support Line (9823). If this happens we will see a very strong buying movements & a rebound is likely to happen which will give you a good chance to increase your Satoshi by trading BTC USD pair.

I will keep you updated with more analysis. This is history repeating itself again & good time to earn good profits.
評論: I have seen that traders take a long term view for determining support levels. I don't usually prefer that, the reason is simple because in a daily or weekly chart you are bound to miss levels that show high support or resistance at hourly levels.
Hence I always make sure that support levels are included even for hourly level, while the relative strength of support level from an hourly chart maybe weaker than daily chart support level but nevertheless it provides trading opportunities.

Ex: The support Level 1 & Support Level 2 are quite near to each other. This is because in 30 minutes chart you will find that this support has been tested a lot of times. What it tells me? Well for first that if we breach 10500, there is a good support at 10144 & unlike other traders we are not immediately at any point of time crashing down to 9800.

Do you see it now? Why I don't only rely on daily levels? I made a swing trade by buying at around 10245 & looking to sell again at 10790
評論: Once again we have tested the levels 10500. My 2nd support line at 10144 has been tested once again. Looks like BTC has found its new love for 10500
評論: We have crossed the 3rd Support Line. The BTC will rest for a while at the 4th Support Line of 8900
評論: We will soon be crossing below 9K again in BTC. The trap is not yet over. :)
手動結束交易: BTC has broken the 4th Support level of 8900. I will be sharing another update in which I will tell you about how we can trade BTC for better gains.

Thank you all for following this. Its a market of whales & we are a bunch of small fishes who have to survive this bloodbath.
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