BTCUSDT Target 1/ 11700$ Target 2/ 16000$ Target 3/ 17000$

BTCUSDT Target 1/ 11700$ Target 2/ 16000$ Target 3/ 17000$

When I saw this I was a little confused.... but, after further review, I think you are mostly correct. I think your cypher pattern is very likely to play out. However, i do think your Head and Shoulders is a bit premature.

Consider this:
Left Shoulder - Check
Head - Check


if the C-D leg plays out as drawn - likely
15.8-17K price will meet resistance (triple top) and retrace to Red-line at B (Start of the left Shoulder)
Another Surge towards 15.8-17K (completes the inverted H&S - which is a clear reversal signal)

The inverted H&S with an 86% chance of completion to its potential could play out.
Full potential of inverted H&S $25.8-27K

mehdione cblewis_78
@cblewis_78, yeah you right bro i think BTC will hit 28K in the end 2018
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