Could history be trying to send us a message?

Based on 2013-2014 bubble evolution. I think we as a herd are the same. It doesnt matter how much we invested. We behave the same.

Now im not calling for any doom shot, but just in case we visit these lower levels, i will make sure i am ready. If i ever see that big capitulation volume , ill be the first to buy :)
評論: Bears look tired. Just in time. Coincidence? I .... i do not think so. Extremely strange.
2013 bust was due to Mt Gox, that transacted 70% of the trading volume, going bust. This time nothing major of that sort has happened. Sentiment is still positive. Yes some incited fear is there but still overall is Ok. So I don't think that price will just become flat.
@Aamir66, hope you are right and this is just one of an infinity of scenarios :)
zoom in:
i think you are very right.
Banks and investment funds say "bitcoin is a bubble" lower the price.. and then boom.. from 6k to 10k in a few days.. Now lets do it again.. they already took their profits between 9.5k and 10k.
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i dont blame the whales, banks, corporations, govs. I blame us. Of course they can use different things to scare us and push us to the limits, but i wont buy that one that they are fighting the trend :)
mexaa SorinBlajan
@SorinBlajan, The problem is that the biggest thing they can use is money.. Last night there was a wall of 2 million $ just to go back to 9.8k ou 9.7k today theres is no buy wall..
They have the money to manipulate the market, they don't do trades like normal people they do it with Bots.
So they can calculate any change in volume in milliseconds they can put trades and cancel them in milliseconds, and them they spread FUD and a lot of people follow them because if you have 1BTC and you sell at 10k, and them buy back at 6k and sell at 10k again, you just made 4k in 3 days.. Now thats you... imagine if you have 1 million in just 3 days making 30% 40%..
Thats why 2018 will be complicated for normal traders.
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@mexaa, i will be extremely complicated to make profit by trading indeed. We are in a bear market and this is where they are just better then average Joe. And we are indeed easy to manipulate as a herd
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