BTC/USDT Inverted Head and shoulders forming?

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
I was lucky and got an entry in BTC at 8170 and sold at 8605. Awesome!

Now I think that there might be an Inverted Head and Shoulders forming. I set a buy order for 8490 (in this region is a strong support) and hope that we will go up all the way to 9130... Let's see what happens...
評論: I will buy at 8490 and set the stop loss to 8401
評論: Buy order filled at 8490
評論: I hope that I won't get stopped out... at 8401...
評論: At 8490 I obviously bought a bit to high up
評論: Got stopped out. The idea didn’t work out... maybe we continue going down. I don’t know...
評論: I think the bears won the battle around 8460 and we could continue to go down to down to 7910.
評論: This one is confirmed
評論: We didn’t shoot through the resistance with power, so I think it will hold... but you should decide by yourself. I don’t know what will happen
評論: I hope that we will finally drop down to 7910 now ;-)
Sorry, aber es steigt und steigt und steigt. Aber ein Dip ist natürlich nicht ausgeschlossen. Aber der Uptrend gefällt mir besser
@Cihande, ja, ich liege bestimmt schon wieder falsch. Sieht ziemlich bullish aus
Cihande Christian2209
@Christian2209, Aber mit dem BCN könntest du richtig liegen. Ich habe es bei 108 gekauft. Sieht gut aus. :-) Ich hoffe, das wird jetzt einen großen Hub nach Oben machen...seien wir mal gespannt...
Followed your chart past 3 days, totally mind blowing. A simple TA as yours is by far better than those complicated one. Thank you sir
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@afaizcoc, chart patterns work best for me
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Thank you
Christian2209 pyj78195f
@pyj78195f, Pleasure...
Christian2209 pyj78195f
@pyj78195f, I hope it goes upwards now...
Christian2209 pyj78195f
@pyj78195f, 8460 is the main resistance
Christian2209 Christian2209
@Christian2209, main support...
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