Possible Inverted Head and Shoulders Pattern [BTC/USDT]

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
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I think it's guite possible. What about you ?
評論: STOP BUY 6850
評論: let's go
評論: the price is testing the local maximum of this consolidation as a support
評論: a pennant , i'm expecting a growth
評論: the results of this fall

compare the angles of the lines , it means that this fall is weak

the day chart , the price is testing the support level , RSI oversold

a bullish divergence on the four hour chart

there are three scenarios :
1) the break of the stop orders and then a growth

2) a flat market and then the growth

3) the f*cking shit ( in case of this scenario , transfer your money to BITMEX and open a short position , because this scenario means a long bearish market )

it's obvious to me that this is a manipulation
Well.... I sure did not see that drop coming. What was that all about?
Bombita i8myapl
@i8myapl, check my last update
Stabilisation Time !
My opinion , still going down , it’s not technical analysys but feeling ... no good News , still under presure, no New fresh blood targed 6400 , let see
Bombita ladislas75
@ladislas75, i don't think so , i'm still bullish
Bombita ladislas75
@ladislas75, you were right
@Bombita, lucky time for me .. according to your last update, Time to short .. i just do it on kraken, did you thinck bitmex got lower fees ?
Bombita ladislas75
@ladislas75, i don't know , i did not try Kraken
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