The Inverse Head And Shoulders We've Been Waiting For!

Well, after a stressful month and a half, watching the market crash out from underneath us, technical analysis begins to shine the light at the end of the tunnel! I'm not the one who spotted this myself, it has in fact been quite the hyped up formation in plenty of ideas, but yes, the absolutely massive inverse head and shoulders has finally began the upsurge on it's right shoulder! (Or at least it looks like it). In addition, another bullish mark is the fact that we finally broke out of the downtrend channel that we'd been in since touching 11,700 a few days ago. We broke out of my proposed line this morning, but I hadn't quite drawn the line right, so I revised the line to include no less than five peaks, and we busted through that one as well as of about an hour ago. I myself have bought some, and would educationally propose that I believe that I made a smart decision. Just gonna put the classical disclaimer that this isn't financial advice so that I don't get sued, but take solace in the fact that if it crashes now, I'm going down with you.
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