BTC/USDT Is Showing a Quick Trade - 180% + ROI

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Hello, Trading view,

Bitcoin is still looking bearish . It looks like it will go sideways for another few days or perhaps weeks. No more than a month tho.

Right now you can see a pattern of it zig zagging through out the channel. Varying by about 12% a day. If it starts low it closes higher the next day. Then the next day it closes right back where it starts. We can tell by the resistance line we found that it wont go much above $9,000. So the closer you get to that line. The better time it is to sell. Here is my opinion as to when you should buy in and sell:

Buy in at: 8,000
Target 1: 8,500 - 50%
Target 2: 8,700 - 25%
Target 3: 9,000 - 25%

If it crosses the support line wait until it comes back then sell short.

Buy in at: 8,900
Target 1: 8,700 - 50%
Target 2: 8,500 - 25%
Target 3: 8,000 - 25%

Don't stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.
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Good chart. Buy at 8000, sell portions at arbitrary round numbers for gains of about 9 -12.5% each until 9000.
Great, cool. A few questions.

-Is it looking bearish or is it looking sideways?
-Who taught you math?
-At what point do thousands of years of human knowledge of mathematics collapse to the point where a 12% move will almost triple your money?
-Has anyone signed up for your "Trading strategies and coaching", and if so did you give them a refund when they lost all their money listening to you?

You can't advertise 180% ROI based on perfect scalping execution (With a dumb sell-off strategy that dumps half your position almost immediately) of a channel that you haven't even bothered to draw, assuming every completely arbitrary target you pulled out of your ass is going to hit perfectly every time. Frankly I'm surprised you even found the H&S tool. The best part about this is you say sideways or down for a day or a few days or several weeks. The only part you forgot is to say "Maybe it will go up", that way every possible outcome makes you right.

I can respect wanting to be a trader, and I can respect wanting to be a teacher, and I can respect wanting to run a business where people pay you to teach them.
The tiny caveat to getting my respect for doing those things however, is you have to -at bare minimum- know how to trade. Your targets are random. Your name is stop loss but your analysis indicates none. You have no SRSI, no RSI, no MACD, TD, BB, MFI, ADX, Cloud, Fans, Fibs, common sense, or clue what you're doing. Do yourself a favor and open an investopedia tab and learn at least one thing before trying to sell your vast knowledge to anyone unfortunate enough to hand you money
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