BTC/USDT Bearish Flag with main resistances and targets

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Puh, it's definitely better not to trade now and wait for the bearish flag to play out...
評論: It's already falling off... We might go lower than 8850 then...
評論: @9070 at the moment... Maybe it will still climb up to 9230-9250 and fall off from that level... I will go to sleep and have a look at it tomorrow... The risk to reward seems pretty bad to me... Don't blame me if it runs up to 11200 from here... ;-)
評論: Got in at 9074, stop loss 9054; already up at 9125...
評論: Target hit on Cent on Binance
Thanks man, you think it might find support at 9000?
@Remii, No!
@Remii, I don't think so. Wouldn't recommend to buy at that level...
Christian2209 Christian2209
@Christian2209, be careful if you buy before 8800-8850...
Remii Christian2209
@Christian2209, yeah you're right, even if it did it's too risky.
@Remii, it's better to be patient and see what happens...
@Remii, It could go up to 9230-9250 from here. But I would still expect it to fall down again from that level... But you have to decide yourself, that's just my opinion...
@Remii, I might go long at 9065 now... I will put a stop loss to 9003
Remii Christian2209
@Christian2209, same, i put a small amount with a tight stop loss, i feel its still risky
@Remii, Sure and the risk to reward doesn't seem good to me ;-)
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