The beginning of the Kondratieff cycle for btc and other

We can open the STR / BTC chart to see that its price has fallen very low in this zone and has returned to the initial level where it has been for a long time but that's only the price in dollars has remained many times higher. Also you can look at my analysis etc \ btc where you will see that its price also goes to the bottom.

Now on the chart you can see that we will either get a cup with a handle on the weekly chart or head and shoulders . In any case, bitcoin is likely to go up.

My vision is that bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are not just created, but are one of the branches of the next Kondratieff cycle and one of the links in the evolution of mankind.

From its very beginning, the price has already been laid for many years to come, only occasionally bitcoin is released into free fall and allows simple traders to open or fix transactions, after which a premeditated campaign begins. All this was created by large banks and people who have the strongest influence in the world and we are only at the beginning of the road. If you remember many who like to follow the waves of Eliot who I do not advise to consider for analysis - then we should fall to 2000-1000 thousand dollars not reach and 6000 thousand dollars for btc .

That's my vision of the situation. Bitcoin will reach the level of 13,500 dollars after which it will most likely drop to 900-1300 dollars after which the kondratieff cycle will begin and we will see prices of $ 250,000 and more for one coin.
The same will be the case with the Altkoks. If after 11000-13500 there is not such a large correction, then the kondratieff cycle began earlier.

Below you will see my vision on etc. Wait for $ 500 next year in ETC and other altcoins . Other altcoins will also make a big profit - an example is dgb which can reach 4000-6000 satosi

the price at 11000-13500 we should see by the end of 2017.
評論: I apologize for the mistakes in the text.
評論: Now we see the game with btg. The price of bitcoin is likely to fall to 4500-4400
評論: Couple in trend. Wait 7k and more. after i wait correction for 4500-4400 - min price 3500
評論: November 29 or December 1, we can see a correction. Most likely it will be fast so as not to interrupt the ascent of the Altcoins
評論: UP FOR 17K and dawn.
Kondratieff cycle sounds awesome.Can you recommend reading/learning materials for the subject?
DmitryMayakovsky CrytopherAu
@CrytopherAu, i can but it all in Russian lang :D Try to find materials - Types of Japanese candles. Fibo levels. Wave Analysis. Levels of resistance. This is only a small part but it can help you.

Dmitry tell the future for Zcash.
DmitryMayakovsky AntonGrigoryev
@AntonGrigoryev, it good coin for next year, he have good map road and good team. Wait 100-200 for coin and buy for few mouth, i think in next year he have 1000-1700 ( maybe more)
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