Bitcoin Becomes Bullish

The 4H chart looks good for buying. The main reason for this is an Inverse Head And Shoulders chart pattern which gives a strong trend reversal signal. This pattern must be confirmed by the price breakout above the signal line. If we so, we'll have a very good buy signal. Also, this signal line forms with SMA100 and downtrend line a strong resistance zone . This zone is very important for the market and price action at this zone will show the further price movements. If the price breaks this resistance, it will be a confirmation of further upward movement. The price will move to 10000.00 and 12000.00 resistance levels. Alternative variant: the price will bounce from the resistance zone and drop below 8000.00 level. After that we should be ready to see the market falling to 6000.00 support level . It will give us new trading opportunities and good levels for buying for long run.
評論: The price broke the signal line of iS&H. The reversal chart pattern was confirmed. It's a good signal for buyers.
評論: Now the price has to stay above the signal line (the neck line). We should be ready to see the short term retracement to the support zone between 9000.00-8500.00 levels. If so, it will give new buy signals and confirm further upward movement to 12000.00 level and the daily downtrend line.
評論: The 1st resistance level was reached. Will it be a breakout with further upward movement to the downtrend line or the price move back to 9000.00 level, we'll see. But reaching 10000.00 level it should be a positive signal for the buyers and hodlers. The market becomes bullish more and more. It's good!
評論: 10000.00 resistance level was broken. The price moves to the next resistance zone formed by the downtrend line and 12000.00 resistance level. Waiting for new trading opportunities from the market.
評論: The price is not far from the 2nd profit target. It's possible to fix the part of profit from the previous buy trades. If you prefer to hold in long run, just do nothing. The price will break the downtrend line and try to reach the previous market high at 20000.00 level. It's the question of time.
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i dont think we should expect uptrends.
We were waiting for consolidation which did not happend.
Price was pushed to 11,7.
Now we are experiencing reversal to 10050 (aprox).
12-16h, then heading toward 8,2-8.4k.

I would not say that with such certainty.
The market is cruel.
Thank you for your ideas! Keep them coming! :D
You might think that I'm trying to fud.... but in my opinion, BTC will strong dip around 2600-3100 within 60 days.
My TA, just for infomation:
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Stef_Gee vh6889
@vh6889, Even Warren Buffet cannot predict what will be the price of a stock in 60 days
And for Bitcoin that was $900 to 20k in less then a year, hard to predict that
vh6889 Stef_Gee
@Stef_Gee, Yeah, I'm agree. However, I told that because I see the signal on the chart. If the price is reversed from 15100 then I think that BTC will strong dip to 2600-3000 on 17/04/2018 (+ - 3 days). Crypto currency is moving super, super faster than any basic stock, such as I can see the GOLD price will x4 within 10 years but I don't sure what will happen with within 90 days.
@vh6889, please...
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Saylo mustii123
@mustii123, LOL
@vh6889, The market does not know predictions.
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