btc is currently working on the 11850 resistance.

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btc is currently working on the 11850 resistance.
if it cannot break it it will drop towards the 11454 support line. BTC has tested it 3 times without success today.
If it drops further than the 11454 support line we can see it drop further to the bottom of the triangle at 11026.

if BTC exits out the triangle at 11026 we can see it drop to 10218. if 10218 fails then BTC willl drop to 9k.

To be honest I dont see BTC getting as low as 9k today. The 11454 support line may stop the fall and reverse it back up
if BTC is can be successful at getting past the resistance at 11850 we can expect to see it
reach 13235 , Take profits here .

The BTC weekly RSI is negative and I suspect we have more distance to drop
評論: note that it 28 minutes the 4 hour market clock will close. if that candle closes as a reversal candle.( the first blck candle on this link below) then expect a fall.
評論: 11454 support broken ,,,
評論: Best thing to do now is nothing and wait it out . The market will be back , let BTC work on its correction . The corrections get the coins ready to go much much higher. SO corrections are always a good sign
評論: 4 hour candle closed and with no reversal candle to the downside insight . This is a good sign we have a temporary slide to the downside and will recover and move back higher soon.
評論: first order of business will be to get back above that 11450 support line . Then the future looks brighter
評論: 10218 should do it for this dip im hoping then we can move up a bit ,
My friend you are out of this world in terms of precision of small time frame price targets. You are doing an awesome job for the last a few days I am following you. Great!
mycotoxin asdfghghj
@asdfghghj, Cheers !
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