BTGUSD (8h): And don't forget BitcoinGold! Breakout possible.

Yes, the start of BitcoinGold was a bit bumpy, but time heals wounds. So let's look at the facts:
Fact 1: TA = looks good. Fact 2: The technology compared to Bitcoin and BitcoinCash...

21 Million - all three
PoW algorithm:
BTG: Equihash | BTC: SHA256 | BCH: SHA256
Mining Hardware
BTG: GPU (for "everyone") | BTC: ASIC | BCH: ASIC
Block Interval
10 Minutes - all three
Block size
BTG: 1M | BTC: 1M | BCH: 8M
Difficulty adjustment
BTG: Every block | BTC: 2 Weeks | BCH: 2 Weeks
BTG: yes | BTC: yes | BCH: no
Replay protection
BTG: yes | BTC: no | BCH: yes

Current price:
BTG: 245 USD | BTC: 16.550 USD | BCH: 2.550 USD

BTG Targets:
Possible steps 300 > 400 > 600 USD

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)
評論: BTGUSD (4h): possible movement up

評論: BTGUSD (4h): possible buy signal ...

評論: BTGUSD (15 min): 15 min close up - retest of the restistance maybe okay.

評論: BTGUSD (4h): without saying anything, but hodl ...

評論: BTGUSD (30min): took profit at the secoud top. now watching for a further upswing or a little correction to re-enter cheaper.

評論: BTGUSD (1h): re-entry at 275 = fibo 38 could be interesting ...

評論: in addition: fibo 62 also possible. lets see ...

評論: BTGUSD (15min): fast chart to estimate whether re-entry is convenient ...

評論: BTGUSD (15min): we touched short term fibo 38 ...



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Thx for following A N D thx for helping.

Patience my friend! If I right, we will see the price hit 750 USD at 2 step with delta2 = 2.0
vh6889 vh6889
Sorry, a damn mistake :v 325 x 2 = 650
@vh6889, yes 650, but 600 could better. why? safty buffer ;-)
I remember that I've suggues you to trade ETH (target 2100 USD), NEO (target 400 USD), BTG (target 1000 USD) on your idea about LTC but you've rejected it ...... ;) However, nice to know you see the BTG opportunity.
@vh6889, thx for remembering. to btg i said: " btg, however, the TA looks good." about etc and neo we will see. here the TA is changing. let see. :-)
vh6889 btcinvests
@btcinvests, Yeah, we only see how it move on when it show us a first real correction. Look like this coin have "pump style" like Ripple, funny but very interesting.
@vh6889, thx for your comment. so it is... i am long for the moment
You think it's the end or we're going to the moon??
@trypcu, Targets: see above > 400 > 600 USD > longterm 1000 USD
trypcu btcinvests
@btcinvests, Thank you very much :) I just needed to be confident
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