LONG New to this analysis thing, comments please. BTG/USD

Hi everyone, New to this, this is something I came up with from looking at the charts. Good possibility I could be way off. But I think I see a couple things forming here. Time will tell. Pink line is the rough trend line I think this coin could follow. ultimately having a large break out at the top blue line. This coin seems to be tracking pretty close to Bitcoin cash 14.10% as well. Let me know if i'm way off or if anyone agrees with me.
Yep agreed broadly
It's been forming a cup and handle for some time I believe
And yes its been in syn with bch thus far
Plus there was good volume earlier on
@qdoc, Thanks for the reply , I realized after i figured out how to publish this that I could have been more descriptive and clear and left lots of what I'm thinking about out. Ill try to explain a little better here in this comment.

If you take the bottom/start of the ascending triangle approx 130 US and what I think is the top/resistance in the long term pattern which is approximately 420 I think The 710US range is within target.

There will obviously be lots of shorter trades within that pattern, ups/downs but that's what I see forming over the long term if the pattern holds up.

The purple and yellow channels was what i was following last night to determine my position entry.
qdoc BigRed300
@BigRed300, yeah, i'm fa rather than ta so your chart is fine for me. But on the bigger picture it's a cup and handle. If it doesn't sky rocket in the next two weeks i'll be a little surprised. But in markets who knows ;-) Do your due diligence guys...
@qdoc, what does "fa" and "ta" mean?
qdoc BigRed300
@BigRed300, fa fundamental analysis
qdoc BigRed300
@BigRed300, ta techical analysis
qdoc qdoc
@qdoc, so irrespective of what happens on the charts short-medium term I like this coin medium-longterm. I believe a bitcoin battle is coming and of the three bitcoins btg clearly has the most growth potential. But do your own research guys and your won due diligence; I never give trading or investment advice ;-)
@qdoc, yep my thoughts too. Need to watch the charts and adjust the plan as it plays out and roll with the punches . always have a plan in place so you dont take a huge hit.
If the ascending triangle forms over the long term as i'm trying to indicate with the blue lines I think there is a strong probability. I am far from being an expert and this idea could go completely sideways.
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So your trajectory is to over $400?
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