Bitmark long if we break above major resistance

POLONIEX:BTMBTC   Bitmark / Bitcoin
Long on bitmark even though it's not even on the troll box anymore haha. But waiting for the break above resistance to confirm entry :) then it should follow the yellow zone. Also could be in a semi distorted cup and handle but that is more debatable.
評論: Still looking very good here and following support trend nicely! waiting to fill my stop-limit buy order at .000548 . Will keep you updated!
交易進行: entry
ike I said back then wtf you are in the RED !!!! hum might not be good at trading give ya a while.
you showed your loss profile go a head delete it I have it srored and I bet many other people do also. It;s easy kid. you post BANMMM !! in space so keep deleting your fails we all see them.
Looks pretty solid, I'll probably snag a few if it stays under .00055 until I can get to a PC
Ya this one has been catching my eye for a few days, I'm in.
any target pls, as it s hitting ur entry , thanks for ur reply
Dalin, are you on steemit.com? Your chart ideas would be popular there...plus you get paid for any upvotes! If you need a referral with their new approval process I'd be happy to give you one:)
Thanks for helping me learn how to "stay profitable"!

I taught i am the only one keeping an eye on this coin, good work.
Looks like a great chart as always Dalin.

Is the resistance you're talking about the top black line of the ascending triangle, around the 55000 satoshi mark?
@piv0t, Yeah thanks for the comment ! :)
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