BTS - Let the Winds of Change take you to Andromeda

POLONIEX:BTSBTC   BitShares / Bitcoin
BTS is about to launch along its cousins XRP and STR . Destination: Andromeda.

I expect announcements about this coin in the following weeks. I hope this becomes a good alternative to the current exchanges and their problems with DDOS attacks.

Entry: 2500 - 2900.
TP1: 4500.
TP2: 5700.
Stop-loss: 2300.
R/R: 1:16.

Please like and follow if you agree with this idea.

Song for the ride:

Good luck!

Disclaimer: As usual, this is not a perfect prediction. Don't put all of your money into it. If you don't know how much to put, you can learn how to hedge properly by using common sense and a search engine. I will be posting some updates as I have been doing in my previous posts, but if you want live updates, check out my signature and join my Telegram Group.
交易進行: TP1 accomplished and now we're heading down for a correction. Get into STR now.

評論: I sold close to the top and never bought back in. Bought into STR and lost what I earned here. I will buy back in once we touch the bottom. It could go as low as 1300. I'm keeping an eye on it.
交易進行: Trend reversal pattern spotted: Adam and Eve. If it works, I'm buying back in.

i am following u.. m buying2
Thanks for all of your ideas, Do you think the rising of BTC is the main reason that makes the price of STR and XRP goes down fast like this?
@huykwi, Yes, for sure. Especially for STR. XRP and BTS showed in my TA they were at the top, but STR still had a chance though.
huykwi CoinMajesty
@jsburgos, Thank you, I really appreciate your opinion, one more question please: I see the big STR buy order is bigger than Sell order now, especially at 15xx point. Do you think 1500 is the bottom of STR?
@huykwi, yes, they are all at the bottom now cause bitcoin is dumping. Sorry for not replying earlier :/
mate, huge respect for mentioning your losses as well as your gains. everyone poops.
@martykay, ty :)
shahzadx300 CoinMajesty
@jsburgos, wish u best for future earned high
Nice call. I just stocked up on STR too so I'm glad we're on the same page.
Hey it still worth getting in now at 3400 or should i wait it out?
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