Preparing for bad times

POLONIEX:BTSBTC   BitShares / Bitcoin
BTS is looking very weak so far and is sitting on the 0.236 Fibo, if it break down this I am going to short it all the way down to 0.786 Fibo ! This might happen if BTCUSD get weak too, bringing all alts with it. This is a plan B just in case the market got bearish !
評論: Still not triggered, this point is also a very good buy point for plan A case, market getting better from now on:

評論: The market is rolling again as we can see no further lower levels on BTS, I will keep monitoring this as a means to protect from bad times again.
評論: It got inside our sell level again, will keep so minutes/bars monitoring for traps and get IN shorting if its stable below
評論: Sell trigger is on 4014
交易結束:達到停損點: Our trailing stop got us out still on profit, with very low volume market these days targets must be adjusted to shorter ones:

評論: It's been hard to keep posts updated this days, but if you got prepared and defend getting IN and OUT shorting BTS and XRP, you not just sustain your wealth but also increase it. Unfortunatelly bad days happen and you got to be prepared !


Too late for stoploss.. need to hodl and sell at target atleast 8k satoshi
bitcoin JalilFadli
@JalilFadli, It's not clear for me if you are short or long, this is a margin trade short position. I am using this to defend and increase my BTC holdings.
I hope you are wrong, too late for me I have to hodl.
bitcoin PacoMoreno
@PacoMoreno, I hope too, but this is the plan B
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