bitshares forecast near term

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price on 4 hour chart is ready to hit timing angle expect corrective wave to begin once timing angle meets with price.
I really like nxt, and i will be doing formal workup on nxt and post in the next day or two, but as of now, i have not done any forecasting.
bornblu1973 ueccehomo
@ueccehomo, nxt is prices right too. I look forward to your efforts on it.
i really like nxt, a lot, but ive just started to do work up on it, i dont know future in terms of price, but i anticipate completing initial workup and chart tomorrow or monday, so check back
fayyad ueccehomo
@ueccehomo, i always check your posts
you r really innovative
thanks for ur effort
i think there is a lot more up, this move was just the start, but it will not be in a straight line. I would be watching very carefully as bitcoin approaches 3k, which if it stays on its current trend angle it could hit 3k about 8a pst
fayyad ueccehomo
@ueccehomo thanks for your reply
Do you think nxt and steem have the pattern of bts in the future
Do u think it will go up again
Unfortunately bought at 17k
Very wrong decision
target reached good work im long from apr sold now wait for rebuy
anyone still long, watch btc, showing sensitivity to price of bitcoin
expect correction to follow light blue angle line to intersection with red angle line, this if bitshares gravity center for the moment, but this will change. Most importantly, trends change when price and time are square. square is not in the manner you think. hint hint.
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