BTS / USD **Will BitShare survive or die below 0.30**

POLONIEX:BTSUSD   BitShares / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)

Hello trader,

Its doesnt look good for BitShare, on the way to break the support line again and thrend is going down...............

Let me know if you disagree and why.

Happy trading,
How could you even think that BTS is dying..
BTS is one of the best hodl's you should have in your portfolio. And no I don't feel offended that someone thinks it is dying :D
To put some money where my mouth is: if it doesn't hit $12.5 somewhere in 2018, the first one to contact me by January 1, 2019 gets 10K BitShares from me. ;)

All coins are currently taking major hits, but stay focused on what coins do really have value and don't panick about a dying portfolio. :)
apollol apollol
"dying" *
dvd232323 apollol
@apollol, Well I have to admit that am having that emotional ride right now and its not easy to hold but I am HOLDING STRONG................

there is no decentralized exchange as we speak, it a great idea, I believe in it and it will be the first to date.

definitely what this closely and will see what happen after the market correction

apollol dvd232323
@dvd232323, You are wrong about that. There are other DEX's already whereby the Waves platform is the most known one. The bad thing for Bitshares is that they do SO much better on the UI and UX. But eventually - I hope not too long -, BitShares will improve that as well (they are currently hiring for UI and UX!). Good thing for Bitshares is that Waves is only focused on cryptocurrencies, whereby Bitshares is going for all the existing exchanges in the world (stocks, commodoties, derivates..) with a combined trading going on of more than $500T.

Competition is good though, it stimulates the need for consistent progress. ;)

Regarding the emotional part.. Try to embrace that bro. As long as you are in legit projects with lots of future potential, you shouldn't be scared. I don't know if you are familiar with Elliot Waves, but in December we did the first actionary wave, now we are in the first reactionary wave. You have no idea to what new heights we will go in 2018!

The only thing that sucks ofcourse is that you didn't sell high, but it's safe to say that 95% of us are in that position. Including me :)

Needless to say, we shouldn't be greedy. Where else can we get such tremendous gains?!
Currently at the .618 fib, and holding the trend. As an investor, I hope it isn't dead. I would say in light of the BTC price action, that is a hard declaration to make.
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dvd232323 Sensei-Tutum
@Jmarcum0, I agree and hoping it will go to the moon. I miss the train with bitcoin but I wont with BitShare I promiss and I will buy some share this week on Binance.
@dvd232323, I have been buying the dip as well. Project is too good, too many companies, and too many future use cases. I am gonna HODL. I have been adding during the dip, wish I had waited, but will be happy in a month when we are over 1$.
dvd232323 Sensei-Tutum
@Jmarcum0, I guess you dont want to miss the train as well haha, will definitely buy this week. The difficult part will be to not trade with emotion if it goes at like 0.25 and patience.

@dvd232323, I have also used the DEX in the past. It isn't Bittrex or Binance, but your trades happen. There is always plenty of volume available at market price.
BTS wasnt pumped, they done a lot in marketing-stealth mode. I remember it being top5 market cap 1 year ago. Check their dex exchange there will be AI trading implemented with algos
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