Burst VS Bitcoin - Battle Begins

Burst found a strong support at 68 satoshi that has been rejected few times. The support is confirmed by the 427.2% Fibonacci retracement level applied to the corrective wave after the ascending channel breakout.

After rejecting the support BURST/BTC broke above the triangle pattern and then above the downtrend trendline . These are first signs of a potential corrective wave up or even a trend reversal. For now upside targets are not clear but it is clear that if it breaks below the support the bullish outlook will become invalid.

In any case, it seems that the growth potential is on its' way and the risk/reward ratio is huge. This could attract investors and push Burst much higher.
評論: Burst should be ready for a boost
評論: Thank you all for comments and likes :)
評論: Hope you didn't forget to get some Burst
評論: yay... looks nice
評論: breaking above the previous high!
評論: closed above the moving average
交易結束:目標達成: The trend up could continue, although I find it a little risky to hold now
評論: Perhaps will re-enter when it breaks above 166 sats
交易進行: uptrend continues
交易結束:目標達成: resistance at 225 satoshi, break above should push it higher but for now fixing profits
I bought at 0.000500 satoshi like and idiot, give me an advice :(
hahahhahaa mcafee did the work for all of you..
@HiTech - bought into this 8 hours ago.What are your predictions coming into the 27th news?
Not much has happened since I bought, slight dip of 5% but I'm holding hoping for more upward trend before the news.
HiTech wendalls
@wendalls, I'd hold it
HI the trade is active yet?
HiTech faranod105
@faranod105, no, i am out, switched to Lisk
@HiTech, thanks bro
something like this

Targets (This is where we make our money):
(1) 0.000528 (sell only a small portion here)
(2) 0.000782
(3) 0.001010
(4) 0.001320
(5) 0.001630
(6) 0.002001
(7) 0.002831
(8) 0.003210
johndemo crypton00by
@crypton00by, hand holding is usually an extra charge
HiTech johndemo
@johndemo, just got a rejection on the burst/usd chart, so out for now
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