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Keeping this short:

I think we are breaking out of a big corrective structure. If this thing breaks up, watch the first resistance zone . If we break to the downside, hold ur t*ts.

Dude, i wish i wasn't so bearish on the market. I hope i'm proven wrong. nothing seems to be gaining traction, and it's one regulatory blow after another. #medepressed... lol
artm92a cksagherian
@cksagherian, Markets have been in a heavy bullrun for almost 2 months. What go's up, must come down: basic market psychology. People that trade crypto, tend to forget that it's a financial instrument. its an asset which moves like any other financial market; the structure is the same.

The only difference is that people forget that market moves (impulses, corrections) are relative to eachother. Example: If gold moves up 20%, it will correct atleast 10% of that move, you will hear nobody screaming 'markets crashing'. Relatively speaking, its the same with Bitcoin. It corrected 50% of the move it made in 2017, which is a normal correcting.

You cant expect something that go's up 2000%, to correct for 5% of that move. That would mean that Bitcoin will trade for a billion per coin in 10 years orso.. -,-'
@artm92a, I agree with you about the correction. It's the bad news that's making things harder for the upside. I feel like cointelegraph's job is to degrade btc and alts as much as possible. I know it's all bullshit, it's just been making it hard to stay positive lately. lol
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