BVTK             is now moving into a descending wedge based on the 4 HR             chart.

At the time of posting, the price is currently below the 20 and 50 SMMA , which I understand to be a bearish signal. Long term the trend still is bullish . Bollinger bands have also started to tighten up, and this thing looks ready to spring load one way or the other.

With this being such a heavily hyped stock, a tweet from BVTK             or Dark Pulse could really get this moving. BVTK             will also be hosting a conference call tomorrow Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 4:15pm Eastern Daylight Time. During the call, Bravatek representatives will discuss the Company's recent initiatives and announcements regarding its suite of engineering, installation and security management solutions to industry and government, as well as entertain questions from participants. If you have an interest in backing (or shorting) this company I would suggest being on the call to hear what is said.

I do currently hold a long position, however, I think there will be an opportunity to buy cheaper in the near future before continuing the bull long term pattern. The .0036-.0038 level seems to provide a good amount of support if the price were to dip that low.

This is my first stock chart so I would love any comments, criticism, or feedback.

Happy trading, cheers!
評論: BVTK showed great resilience, battling back from down a good bit in yesterdays session. It is still moving with trend and continuing to get tighter. I anticipate this afternoon's conference call (4:15 pm EST) will push the price one way or another out of the triangle.
評論: BVTK broke down out of Triangle, still continuing down trend moving towards uptrend line in the .0035-.0036 range.

News note, this is a tweet from Dark Pulse, who is partnered with BVTK- "Invited by @hbo to appear on Vice .. $bvtk CEO coming with" - so take that for what its worth
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