The "Cheap" Bank w/ Short Term Trading Gains (PT $75.40)

Who couldn't love Citi when it had dropped to $68? Given both the long term and "2017 Hotness" trend lines , the stock has been knocked down between a reasonable to weak area where it can rebound back up to a comfortable "median" position that has been previously held. Reading between the fib lines and the somewhat consistent range of $70-77, it wouldn't be unreasonable for the stock to climb back to around the midpoint of $75. Its earnings call was great, though some will argue with how fantastic it should have been given the current climate and what's priced in.

If the stock reaches $78, absolutely sell and don't be greedy trying to wait for that magic $80 mark. I'm sure everyone will be watching and waiting for it, but without proper volume , it will be a short lived rally up as everyone else takes their gains. I love Citi as a company and believe it to be strong and stable moving forward the rest of this year. Any price point close to $70 is great for a small position and for technical trading to get some ranged gains.
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