(Daily) Double Top // Neck // Previous Structure at 38% // 2618

FX:CADJPY   加元 / 日圓

We have the 1h Bullish Shark forged at structure above the neck, it the price rejects the neck as i am expecting, it can build a 5 waves structure inside this structure as an eventual ABCDE pattern, or a rally into a new higher high, higher close ;)

The Bullish Bat can be forged at confluence between fibs at 88% retracement and also the 38% major fib;

4h Sharks below the neck between the 86.00$ and 85.00$ (search 1h published Shark comments for the picture)

Thanks for your analysis!
Here is my view on CAD/JPY if you are interested:

Based on Market Profile (volumes) and Price Action there is very strong swing support at 84.261. The market is in a strong uptrend and this is the closest strong support in the way up. If the market makes a trend correction I will go long from there.
In this support zone there are cummulated heavy volumes of big players who drove the price higher - you can see that in the Cummulative volume profile shown on the right sideof the chart.
There are more Market profile swing and intraday analysis at my profile page. You are very welcome there.
Trading_Jazz Trader_Dale
@Trader_Dale, Mr Dale, i do not understand the need to post "again" the same chart for the same instrument on my publications! Unless you are trying to get people from my profile to yours, and i can help you on that, im not understanding :). That said, and again, in my opinion, it makes no sense to use any kind of volume indicator when trading the forex market, my opinion. Thanks and welcome
You shorting it now ?
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