Catching up on news, Mnuchin (Treasury Secretary) is deliberately tanking the dollar. I was already shorting the dollar and long on commodities (was a good day for me). Bad for retailers (explains the drop today) and other importers, good for commodities and exporters. CAT, DE and other heavy machinery manufacturers always go up with commodities (see 2007). Be careful with this one.
nobullshytrader0 hungry_hippo
@hungry_hippo, the dollar wuz fuked along with treasuries az soon az orange face passed this hilarious tax cut bill
hungry_hippo nobullshytrader0
@nobullshytrader0, I know, I figured easy money leveraging against the dollar. Looking at the charts, the dollar is gonna tank for another 3 or 4 months about 10%. Will hit support from 2014, though that depends on what new Fed Chair Powell does. Venture capitalist as Fed Chair, lol.
nobullshytrader0 hungry_hippo
@hungry_hippo, u c that reversal on CAT? bwahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa
hungry_hippo nobullshytrader0
@nobullshytrader0, a little early to celebrate unless you're daytrading, remember what NKE did after earnings? Today's whipsaw action was because Trump pumped the dollar. It's starting to drop again.

Damn computers are still busy pumping futures DJI up 50 pts and the Euros aren't even awake yet. Pre-market futures have only gone down one day the whole month.
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