WTI Crude - AB=CD Bull with ranges

NYMEX:CL1!   輕原油期貨
Oil             "appears" toppy             but is strong trading week of 04/15.

After a $3 pullback week of 04/01 WTI saw a significant jump despite inventory numbers proving Bearish week of 04/08. This was accelerated due to obvious fundamental forces. But also, see my prior study below and notice how the technical's were demanding a $67 price point before last weeks Syria drama took front row. I personally snagged 5 contracts long 04/06 @ Friday close.

Aside from obvious API/EIA numbers this week I will be paying attention to anything fundamental related as it seems to be in the drivers seat. Every foot in the mouth or economy related news item should create good opportunity to scalp momentum strengthening/shifts in the order book. I will not be holding anything long without a 100+ tick buffer. and take profit stop. Pay attention to the provided fib levels and think about where the market can move above or below each price point. For newer traders sometimes its good to just sit and watch because things can get unreasonably volatile between 9-11am EST.


評論: hope eveyone had some longs this week and took some profits
69 was a key price to reconsider snagging pullback trades before adding long if the tea leaves show the pullback is short lived or full reversal

評論: todays trading notes
for this am 68.30 - 69 are good scalp range if not already long otherwise looking strong going into todays report
j_nathan j_nathan
@j_nathan, apologies meant to say entering current price up to 68.30 - 69 range for exit
when i see a possible strong reversal sometimes it is simply a place for the long trend to continue - see this 4hr dual oscilator then look at the 1day
j_nathan j_nathan
j_nathan jangseohee
interesting how the 2011 B>C move pulled back $30+ dollars (OR 30%)before satisfying BC

Thx 4 sharing!
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jangseohee j_nathan
@j_nathan, you are welcome ^_^
j_nathan jangseohee
@jangseohee, MACD divergence?

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