OIL - bullish dreams

NYMEX:CL1!   輕原油期貨
WARNING! This wave count requires a confirmation. If we see a small bullish impulse in the direction of wave (v) of {c}, there'll be a green light for another upward wave
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Looks like we will be heading up in the channel
have you activated this trade?
bro i want to learn how to count elliot wave like you do ,who taught you ? please speak dont be like a robot
@anopasilver, hi! ahaha, yes, I'm a elliott wave robot )))) First of all, you need to read this book https://www.amazon.com/Elliott-Wave-Principle-Market-Behavior-ebook/dp/B004K6M8BE then you should just practice, practice and even more practice. Actually, I was surprise how many people want to learn about EW here. So, I'm going to so something on my youtube channel soon)))
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anopasilver ElliottWavePro
@IgnatBorisenko, lol thanks bro , for real i was thinking you are a robot man because your trading is so good ive been following you for a minute ,you never reply to anyone and your voice is like robot (lol) but its all good man ,thanks , lemmie read the book actually i have the book and i know some of the stuff , please make videos on your youtube on how to anaylse , thanks man , um now cool lol
ArmaniMcleod anopasilver
@anopasilver, I have the pdf for this book if youd like
anopasilver ArmaniMcleod
waverider01 anopasilver
anopasilver waverider01
@waverider01, i sent you
coinvestynb anopasilver
@anopasilver, pl send me this ebook, too coinvestynb@gmail.com
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