CLAM bottomed out, plenty of room for growth

As you can see in the weekly chart, CLAM is one of the few crypto's that are still bottomed out in this bull run. What makes CLAM special is the limited no# of coins it has According to coin market cap, I'll list the circulating and total supply of this gem:

16,519,682 CLAM : Total Supply
2,803,799 : Available Supply

Yea, you've read that right. It has just 2 million coins available. This can be huge.

交易進行: @ 71581
評論: Hourly chart is looking good. There are signs of bullish engulfing. Hold your positions!
評論: Even in the time of FUD, when most of the alts are bleeding.

CLAM is holding strong. Hold your positions. It'll go up as soon as BTC stabilise.
I know most people are bashing you for this trade but I've been watching clams closely for a while because the enormous potential for a pump. On the 4h chart we are currently in the throwback price due to a current support at 62k sats and are currently pushing towards 120k sats. Everything else is bullish and shows us no reason to think otherwise. I commend you because most people are scared to trade this even though everything (charts wise) checks out.
CryptoNo0b ibitcointrade
@ibitcointrade, Exactly. It's already bottomed out so the only direction it'll move in this alt bull run is up. Go CLAM GO!
However with so much uncertainty in the market the best you can do is make an educated guess as to the direction of the price or the mood of the market. If you're not informed on the fundamentals that's pretty close to a gamble.
CryptoNo0b epromotors
@epromotors, Agree. If you look at the hourly charts, you'll see we are still bullish. Given the fact that CLAM's is bottomed out, it has nowhere to go except up.
No, it is not a 'good investment' to buy Clams, and given the market volatility it is certainly not safe either...
Nothing special about this coin at all. If only the product looked as good as the chart.
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