Clams left to pump

445 11
Technichally we have the next indicators supporting a long

Other factors that make this a potentially easy/lofical long:
  • Fair coin distribution - there is no a composite man ready to dump massive amount of coins
  • Margin coin in poloniex
  • 15M market cap, that in current times, are peanuts
  • In a market where almost every worthless shitcoin has made x10, CLAMS has been quite so far
  • Legit project with over 100 contributors and over 4000 commits in github
評論: Here a weekly outlook, with my three alma crossover (credits to @420snoop) signaling a buy, a 34,44 MA bullish cross, and the mentioned "all time" trendline.
評論: The entry would be right here, at 0.00203 btc

Here, in the 4h chart we can see the three alma indicator also signaling a buy, plus the 34,55 ma bullish cross, and horizontal support holding.

PS. 2 comments above the weekly chart:
1. the ma cross is 34,55, and not 34,44
2. i forgot to mention the las closed weekly candle shape: and inverted hammer that could point to a reversal, confirmed by closing the current weekly candle in green
Those are the prices of interest.
120k for a stop loss
358k, 499k, 898k and 1438k for targets
Probably i will sell 20% - 35% - 30% - 15% at each one
評論: Boring so far. let's see what happens with this triangle
Adjusted triangle in hourly chart
評論: It was long and boring, but here we go.
What's the first target for you Bagof, i didn't get it sorry
bagofXMR Mlnklkm05
@Mlnklkm05, 0.00358
Nice point out. I'm following you in this trade
ichoponions ichoponions
Do you have any targets in mind?
bagofXMR ichoponions
@ichoponions, thank you and good luck. going to add a comment with the prices i consider of interest (potential targets and potential sl)
zeeshaan001 bagofXMR
@bagofXMR, if BTC is going to fall to 1800 usd level then no coin will be pumped
bagofXMR zeeshaan001
@zeeshaan001, i agree
HitchensAlex zeeshaan001
@zeeshaan001, what do you mean no coin will be pumped?
bagofXMR HitchensAlex
@HitchensAlex, btc crash == altcoins double crash
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