Capricoin 5,000%+ gains possible longterm. Ichimoku Analysis.

BITTREX:CPCBTC   CapriCoin / Bitcoin
Its altcoin season, and a lot of coins are experiencing a revival, including Capricoin. It has entered into the ichimoku cloud . One of the ways to trade the ichimoku cloud is edge to edge trades, higher timeframe the better the possibility. Now the coin has already entered the cloud, and doesnt have a lot of room left until the top of the cloud. You can enter now and be fine, but would recommend entry ABOVE ichimoku cloud . Price breaking above the cloud is one of the strongest bull indicators in the ichimoku system. Ichimoku is very good tool for measuring trends of coins and if you wait for price to break above the cloud, and then wait for it to confirm the top of the cloud as support(Previous resistance to support) thats a much better and secure entry point and youre not missing out on the potential upside. Set your stop below the cloud anywhere you feel comfortable but about 20% should do(Give some room for error and sometimes candlestick wicks will shoot below support lines briefly and helps prevent being stopped out of the trade. First target should be a previous high of the coin, in this case, about .00035000 satoshis which is over a 100% trade, giving good risk to rewards ratio of around 6:1, take some profits there, and sky is the limit.

Recommended entry above cloud- 0.00015600

Stop 20% below cloud

First target- 0.0035000 satoshis, good 6.28 risk to reward ratio.

this will be a good place to take some profits and if you'd like leave some for more potential growth.

Dont forget crypto market is a 24/7 market unlike traditonal stock market so changing your inputs and then doubling settings for more data to reduce signal noise will be 20,60,120,30.

this is a similar idea to Alan Masters, who I will link below, this is the same coin but my analysis is different persepctive, and hopfully uselful.

Also some resources on the ichimoku system and edge to edge trading .
Great analyse, thanks!
Question: so right now we're in a pullback. Does this invalidate the edge-to-edge trade, or is this expected and we should hold tight?
@Cummmer, No it has room to move around within the cloud as long as it stays within it(so above 0.0006700 thats where your stop loss should be) and the trade could take sometime, several weeks even, seems on the daily the candle wick retouched the 1 day tenkan which is a good( any trend this is the median line that the price will want to return to from time to time and confirm before moving back upward or cross over and change trend), and the retrace was only a fraction of yesterdays green candle. I just recommended people not buy in yesterday when I did the analysis as after such a huge move up, theres always going to be some sort of large retracement, and a price break above the cloud is a bullish signal for it to go even higher, as both edge of the cloud act as support/resistance.
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InTheBellyOfCharonsWhale InTheBellyOfCharonsWhale
@InTheBellyOfCharonsWhale, below, 0.00006700 is where stoploss should be
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Cummmer InTheBellyOfCharonsWhale
@InTheBellyOfCharonsWhale, aight sweet. Thank you for help :)
Great analysis and fresh way of looking at this coin. Alanmasters predictions seem to be right for the last couple of coins and this only supports the trust in this coin.
@DjostinCrypts, Thanks man. Will tag @alanmasters here see if he'll drop by for a look.
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