CTR +94% target 0.00040 BTC

BINANCE:CTRBTC   Centra / Bitcoin
Quick glance looks like a Cup and Handle formation.

Target +94% to 0.00040 BTC            
評論: crash and burn.. wait for it. It may come back. BTC is building steam and will send the alt's to the moon shortly!
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Looks like we're nearing a support level... check me on this, but doesn't 0.000190 +- 20% look like a good buy? I'm keeping an eye on this today through tomorrow. RSI dropping.
@Tin.Foil tin hi/what happend for trx????
@Tin.Foil Can you please explain? At the moment they are experiencing huge loses. Are they going to reverse even with a rallying Bitcoin?
+1 回覆
netrin mors2024
@mors2024, sup bro
Hi Tin - is the target still valid?
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