DASH having upward breaks from nested flag resistance lines

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DASH has been somewhat boring compared to other Alts the past two months, trading-wise. However, based on this analysis, we might see significant upward movement some time within the next thirty days.

What I see are nested flag formations, two of which have been fulfilled. In those two cases, DASH broke upward and continued longer consolidation into a larger flag, gradually coiling tighter. This analysis is based on the assumption that DASH will continue to break upward out of flags.

Scenario 1: Yellow support line holds strong; expect a significant upward breakout around June 14th - 22nd.
Scenario 2: Yellow support is broken and the price stabilizes beneath it, we're looking to early or mid-July.

If it rises above .075, we could potentially see new ATH .

Use your own brain and when making trading decisions, and diversify properly. I don't know of anyone who's chart analysis track-record is 100%.
評論: IF price stabilizes below yellow support, be more cautious.
評論: Be careful with Dash right now. It has already demonstrated nested flags. It's entirely possible we could be looking at the formation of a new, larger, encompassing flag, in which case it would reverse into downtrend soon.

Dash is rising to the mooooooonnnnnn and it just kicked off heavy !!
oneEyedJack sth5desldr
@sth5desldr, Careful. It could return below .054. There's still length remaining in the flags. We'll see if it settles above my green resistance.
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oneEyedJack sth5desldr
@sth5desldr, If it passes .065, it's on.
sth5desldr oneEyedJack
@oneEyedJack, ahh I see that now. It is a choppy trade though. It goes up and down quick
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