DASH Crash imminent

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Would you long this one? :P I'm wondering who's still buying and/or holding it. The top is somewhere nearby.
DASH it trash, trash means crash, and this scam will hurt many.. but not Amanda ;)
just because you can make words rhyme like dash, trash, cash, says you do well writing dr suess books. rhyming has nothing to do with trading profitably or high probability trades. You might not understand the whole masternode item, but people are busying buy dash by the 1000 coin lot. This will likely continue until there are not enough coins available for sale. Its price will be much much higher when the limit to masternodes is reached, then you have a robust, strong network to use for sending fund, instantly, privately, for almost free, and can scale to 1000x of visa.

Dash is digital cash. Get used to it.
oleg.golubovich Dashtothetop
@Dashtothetop, DASH is one of many made and pumped to make money on people's greed. Technically there should be a huge pullback on this chart. That's the only thing I'm talking about.
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