Watching this support area for a possible bounce

It's very possible that the BTC rally will negate this support region entirely. So I advise waiting for the result before going long/short.

As you can see, recent volatility has been throwing DASH outside of the support/resistance trendlines but it has been pulled back inside.

On a wider scale, it seems a lot of alts are finding support today. We should find out soon if there will be some recovery, or the alt pain will continue.
評論: 1hr

double bottom on the RSI and a rounded bottom on candles.

This could be it already. A little more volume and it will be a :buy: for me.
交易進行: Long: first target 0.06

The 4hr closed with a hammer and a rejection of my buy zone. There's a good chance it will return down there again, with BTC on such a bull run.

There's a good chance that the red pennant pattern will play out, so my first target is the other side, around 0.06.

Further targets will be at the various trendlines.

Look out for history repeating itself with the possible fractals in the green rings.
手動結束交易: Trade closed while bitcoin is going wild. Managed to close it while still in profit.

Potential bounce now moved down to here:

I wouldn't count on the uptrend holding now, though. Confidence is definitely shaken and I don't think we've seen capitulation, yet.
評論: Bounce

There we go, it's playing out. Faith in TA restored
評論: Possible buying opportunity coming. Watch this zone for another bounce

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