Sentiment is turning slightly bearish in the alt market with lots of word about gloom and doom and some of the larger coins being too over pumped. Well there's two margin pumps I've been waiting patiently for in the past 2 months and one of those pumps is the DASH pump.

Dash has been consolidating beautifully knocking ppl out between 6s and 4s but now its blasted through all resistance levels on my gan fann 3.0 proprietary polo abuse technique

I think DASH is about to rip hard, where it will stop IDK, i will be looking out for big rejection wicks however I feel like a lot of the money on polo is going to be going into dash next few days as most people begin to think that its got a pump coming as its been asleep while eth and others have been wrecking the scene.

Best of luck
NIce work thanks
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