DASHBTC - Perfect crash cycle. SHORT!

Salut readers/followers,

As seen in the chart, DASH has had a fantastic run breaking amazing new all-time highs in a very short period of time. The growth has been beyond most expectations- showing exponential movement on the upside. As noted; the crash cycle is absolutely perfect. A double top resulting in a drop, with a denial yet to come. Be aware!

Trade cautiously and happy trading!

Kind regards,
Gabriel Molenkamp
評論: Successfully closed short- to transfer initial investment plus profits into both Factom and Ripple.
Epic !
need more, nice one bro !
nice trade , proud of u ;)
GMolenkamp VerthagOG
@VerthagOG, haha thank you! In search of the crash cycles. Will keep you guys up to date whenever I spot one <3
Thank you for the positive comments, this one was a fantastic one to watch indeed. I will be posting charts (mainly the big moves on high timeframes) more frequently than previously since the Altcoin boom has merely started. If you would like to have more frequent updates simply follow me on Twitter:

Kind regards,
Gabriel Molenkamp
@GMolenkamp, thank you for this wonderful analysis, followed.
Great man! great!
scary how accurate your prediction was. Nice call and keep up the good work, i'll be watching closely!
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