Looking good so far for a 45% run

The market is still weak, but one or another may go ahead and run. Dash was setup to a daily run before BTC drama, and now it is looking ready to roll. Take additional precautions when breaking out, the market is full of traps, wait some bars or minutes, look for volume after the trigger, crypto is becoming harder everyday.
評論: This is rather a long, in time, trade, so far DASH set another pivot and is looking fine to start some real run:

評論: DASH is running basically sideways and I expect it to get more volume in about 2 days:

評論: We are still basically where it started hope it will start some real climb from now on
i have an ask about fib extension time tool, how do you use this tool? What are you paying attention to when placing points?
bitcoin cryptocurrr
@cryptocurrr, there is no science on it, just exploratory search for harmonic points, sometimes it works with perfection, sometimes with a minor error, and sometimes there is nothing! I try to figure out harmonic points that worked on the past and use to predict future !
@bitcoin, thank you
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