Pressure Building in 154m TF; Could be sign of potential...

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... reversal to upside. Going to Lower TF....

評論: 77m TF showing "potential" for reversal.

評論: One would have seen the UPSIDE coming when the red line was approaching the white line coming up and the red line WENT INTO THE LEFT SIDE of the white line. The moment it was approaching the white line was the time to buy. Especially, if looking at lower TF's.
評論: It was the time to buy for a short OR long position. We would approach this like a swing trader. Would have made entry JUST IN CASE it was going long, WHILE MONITORING lower TF's and one higher TF to determine confirmation of reversal.

Best to approach this as a swing trader so you're always allowing yourself to be in the game .
評論: Consider the liquidity in the order books while swing trading.
評論: I have to get some more sleep now. Then doing taxes.
評論: Trend still looks down for DASH at the moment:

評論: Even in the 238m TF, DASH looks like it still has a little further to go down.

評論: 12h TF: You will see where the red line entered into the left side of a white line moving up; indicating upside.

評論: In the 4h,,, have a look... Red line and white line... NOTICE the red line and white line coming to meet. The white line is moving downward in the 4h to meet the red line moving up. When a red line exits out the right side of a white line the next move will be down.

評論: Still a while yet before that occurs. Close up view:

評論: A look at the 2h TF and you see where our downward move occurred when the red line exited out the right side of a white line.

評論: Will this next downward move coming up in the 4h TF be very much downside?
評論: Not looking like it will be very much down based off this 12h TF:

評論: And the Daily TF shows red line has JUST ENTERED the left side of a white line that is moving up; indicating the move is upside.

評論: Again, ALL OF THIS IS A THEORY of mine I'm working up. Time will tell if my theory has weight to it.

Happy trading...

評論: I've got to eat.
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