Continuation Levels DAX 03/01/2018

TVC:DEU30   德國DAX指數
At the swing term, the DAX index seems to be bearish , there is

High probability the price tend to reach the demand at the bottom,

the supply above seems like a great level to continue this bearish momentum,

Therefore if the price will back to this supply I'll sell there, my first target is

The demand below, the final target is the demand at the bottom.

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Well currently its behaving quite opposite, however what is upper limit of supply level do you think is as currently it just broke 13100.
the5erstrading rehansherwani
@rehansherwani, At the moment the dax still have not broken the supply I marked on the chart, if he will break that level i believe the next supply the price will tend to reach is 13,270.
rehansherwani the5erstrading
@the5erstrading, Thanks
rehansherwani the5erstrading
@the5erstrading, What is opinion as it broke the supply and what the highest level it can go upto?
day 8 we will know the reality of all this chaotic DAX, AND THEN, all the predictions will be put in question, to each one of his, the dax not everything seems as they paint it, it looks like going to hell as of going to 13300 , day 8, the riddles will be solved
Very nice chart... 100% think the same.
adajab gaptraderhq
@gaptraderhq, surprise, surprise ??? the dax is very like we would say, do not believe what you see with your eyes, look beyond your nose
@adajab, Well done Asajab. Trading and analysis would never be 100% certain science. I am happy for you that your analysis prediction went better than ours. Well done.
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