Banks are trending up in the expectations of interest rise

Another bank idea to share based in a chart pattern with a line breakout, the breakout was the past week and is very clear but now you need to wait for the pullback or some kind of price consolidation between 18.00 and 19.50 this foreign bank constantly make gaps but not too big. I recommend follow the daily chart with patience and if you like this bank is your decision to add to your portfolio because I only share good entry points based in technical analysis .
another important aspect here from a technical analyst point of view is the past support line in area of 28.00 because this area now can become resistance if the price go to this area in the future.
there's another thing for share. this is a opinion. If you buy at 19.00 and in some months the prices reach the 26.00 your Return on investment is 36.84 %
The decision for hold for a more long term and with a more high target (above 28.00) needs the support of fundamental analysis .
And remember always start from a weekly chart and then go to the daily chart

By last do a research about Deutsche Bank for this date 09/30/2016 and read about the reasons for a high volume in this day

About Interest Rates

More homework

Opinions are for educational purposes. I am not licensed to provide investment advice but I try than my opinions looks the more realistic way.

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