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An intraday high potential, Back Tested Long Analysis.

A we ll try to find an entry price within the expected pull back zone 15.20- 16.00 as previously being back tested.
OBV breaking up supporting trendline
CCI diverges the price crossing down the zero level as well as shown in the chart.


NOTE: Entry range area above the entry point, is calculated upon 80% of the recorded pullback back tested past performances
DISCLAIMER: This is a technical analysis study, not an advice or recommendation to invest money on.
交易結束:目標達成: Best regards
Nice hit on the TP. Great find on the positive divergence
10 stars
good stuff!
hi, good call.
on an unrelated subject. how do i get you chart color sechema.
1. TS. Thank you for looking at some of my charts and even liking some of them. 2. I look at yours but don’t have your system in my head so have a little problem processing them but suspect there’re good. 3. Not sure my you were looking at Diebold but when I was much younger they were the premier security company. So I was looking longer term at them. They to me look longer term very promising for a big rebound.. Thanks for sharing your work and time. Goodguy
@goodguy, Thank you for interesting in my ideas too!
I use statistical tools only, trying to back test and track overbought and oversold zones in a short term only. It is difficult to depict my strategy within a chart. That's true...
As a day trader there is no time left to draw or to comment in a real time.
Speaking in technical analysis terms I could note the following:

a beautiful reversal hammer shaped on 13/2 on 1 day frame chart
3 "denials" looking like hammers on 03/07, 21/8, 13/11 on the trendline on the weekly chart
a remarkably big positive volume regarding current week

According to my point of view there is a 87% potential to move upwards up to 17.30.
Furthermore, in a longer term view and taking under consideration notes as above, it may brake the doted trendline and heads up (as a first step) to resistance level of 23.70.
Best regards.
goodguy TradingStatistics
@TradingStatistics, Thanks. If I ever get into day trading I will be bothering you some more. Have a great weekend. Goodguy.
Interesting idea; I'm actually in for a swing rather than intraday.
Good stuff man!
@themdtrader, Thanks!!

It may go longer actually but we must be concise after all...
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